Legal Brief Writing Services

What is a legal brief? A brief is a written legal document that is presented to a court arguing why the party to the case should prevail. Thus it can be defined as a formal legal document that summarizes the fact, opinion and conclusion of any legal proceeding. The purpose of writing a legal brief is to make a certain point of argument and the legal brief is always addressed to the court. A brief may be sometimes called a memorandum of law. During trial they are referred to as trial briefs and alternately at the appellate level they are called as appellate briefs. A legal brief consists of the following four basic sections,

Preliminary statement (with Caption)
Statement of facts

The content of the preliminary statement starts with a caption that has details of the parties involved in the case, the allegations, wrongs, losses, claims, and the relief demanded. There are four sections to the argument section that explains the case law, the applied statute law details and discusses how these are related and relevant to the facts of the case with appropriate citations. The opposing argument is also given with proper analysis and evaluation.

The discussions and arguments should be written in such a way that it leads to some conclusion that has to be well planned and then written. The writing should be such that it is convincing and displays the superiority of the legal stand / position that is taken by the client / lawyer. Arguments should also be always supported by photographs and other evidences to make the case stronger and convincing. The entire brief may be written in an argumentative tone. Though the language of the brief should be formal it is preferred to use minimal legalese and must be ideally written in the active voice.

There are many online and offline document preparatory service provider who can offer professional legal briefs and summaries after doing the necessary legal research using appropriate language and argumentation tactics. These legal outsourcing service providers may be located in Asia and employ qualified legal professionals to do the work. Work is done at very affordable rates with a low TAT (turnaround time) while maintaining professional excellence.